Unique Custom Spaces and Layouts for Entertaining

November 10, 2016 9:18 am

Entertaining guests in your home has never been more fun for the host. In the past, the serving areas were very separated from the spaces where guests were enjoying themselves, but in today’s homes, the open floor plan has fixed that problem.

While options are endless when you’re building a custom home, the open floor plan is a current trend many homeowners have been interested in creating. Open spaces are popular because of their ability for hosts to entertain and use the kitchen while still being able to interact with their guests.

Below are some custom spaces and layouts that will allow you to have a good time at your own party while being a fabulous host! After all, entertaining expert Jennifer O’Neil shares with HGTV that it’s vital to be a guest at the party you are hosting. She says if you’re relaxed and having a good time, your guests will too.

Open Entertainment Kitchen

Instead of making trips to and from the kitchen, keep the fun right beside you!  An open entertainment kitchen is a massive room boasting a dining and kitchen area, which is usually partitioned or separated only by a large island or bar. In many older homes, the kitchen is kept separate from the dining area, which can be troublesome during entertaining when the person in the kitchen would like to stay involved with their guests. You can also further customize your kitchen with unique finishes. Do you know what makes a kitchen even better? A pizza oven.

pizza oven in a home

Expanded Great Rooms

Open your floor plan up even further with an expanded great room to include your kitchen, dining, and living area. This layout provides enough space for hosting, and fewer walls to interrupt the architectural flow of the home, and the conversation. Expanded great rooms are ideal if you love to entertain on a regular basis and can be as elaborate or as low-key and simplistic as you desire.


Integrated Wine Cellar with Room for Entertaining

A wine cellar is a nice way to add a custom touch to your home. Wine cellars of the past have often been tucked away within the house and rarely viewed by guests. However, we recommend treating your wine cellar like an extra bonus room where guests can enjoy spending time. Consider a bar, island, or service area within your cellar for easy hosting.

wine cellar and indoor wet bar

Full Outdoor Kitchen

Take your ideas of outdoor entertainment on a deck or patio to an entirely different level with a full-functioning outdoor kitchen. This kitchen can be implemented with features such as an outdoor range, sinks, pizza oven, or even a fridge. Custom-built outdoor kitchens can be partially enclosed with walls or left completely open. They can also include weatherproof cabinetry for extra outdoor storage.

outdoor kitchen from French Construction

Theater or Media Center

Entertain your guests in true theatrical fashion when you have a custom-designed theater or media center in your home. Upscale theater or media rooms usually boast soundproof paneling, integrated sound systems throughout, and attractive features like wet bars tucked away in the corner or a small catering kitchen off to one side.

For a space you’ll love to host in, contact us! We can’t wait to make your dream home the favorite entertaining spot in the neighborhood!