Consider These Details When Selecting a Custom Home Floor Plan

October 13, 2016 5:11 pm

custom floor plan

Selecting the right custom home floor plan can be a challenging process. Not only do you want to be happy in your house as you move in, but you’ll also need to think about how you’ll use your home for years to come. Remember to consider family growth, how often you entertain, and how much storage you need. What type of rooms are you looking for in your dream home? What is a reasonable size?

Rooms in Your Home

While the typical French Construction home has four bedrooms, a dining room, a bonus room, and usually a three-car garage, every French Construction floor plan is equally beautiful yet customized based on the customers’ wish list and vision for their home.


Consider how many separate bedrooms will make the most sense for your family. Will your family be growing? Do you have many friends and family members who live out of town? Is host one of your favorite roles to play?

Overestimating on bedrooms usually proves to be better than underestimating, because an unused bedroom can always be turned into something else, like a playroom, craft room, or home gym.

Dining Room.

When we select floor plans, we always ensure a formal dining room is included, unless the client is adamant about not wanting one. Many people don’t use this room as often as others, but most people like to have them for show, and it’s never a bad idea to have extra room to seat people for larger gatherings. This room also serves well for hosting nice events and holidays.

bonus room upstairs

built-in bookcase in a bonus room

Bonus Rooms.

Bonus rooms range in the purpose they serve and are usually chosen based on the family’s lifestyle. Many French Construction homeowners decide upon a study. The study typically has an interesting element, like a built-in component or wainscot treatment. Another popular choice is a child’s room upstairs. Other ideas for a bonus room may include a hobby room, media room, or home cinema.


We usually recommend a floor plan with a three-car garage. Even though most families don’t have three cars, they always appreciate the extra space and storage room a larger garage provides. Consider your lawn care tools and other equipment you may want to store in the garage when deciding on size.

open space floor plan

Open Floor Plan

Almost every French Construction client chooses an open floor plan. While you might be accustomed to more sectioned-off rooms as are typical in older homes, it’s more common these days for the kitchen, family room, and dining room to blend into one large space. An open floor plan helps to make the house feel larger and more welcoming.

Some homeowners may even go so far as to want their indoor rooms to appear to flow to their outdoor space. A great option with this style is incorporating large floor-to-ceiling windows that show your outdoor space from the inside.

Fillmore & Chambers Design Group

French Construction has worked with Fillmore & Chambers Design Group for around thirty years. This company has several plans we have built multiple times and we believe them to be the best of the best.

While we can provide plenty of recommendations for you on your floor plan, we always welcome you to go to Fillmore & Chambers Design Group to find the perfect floor plan and talk with the experts. You will be greeted by their experienced staff and thousands of floor plans.

Fillmore & Chambers Design Group employees can help you find exactly what you are looking for in a house. You can work with them to draw completely new floor plans if you have unique tastes in layout.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Floor Plan

The first two questions you will be asked are your expected square footage and the type of lot your house is on. Sometimes a plan in your head won’t actually work on the lot that you purchased, so it’s helpful to speak with professionals.

“We go over a lot of different aspects when the customer comes in the first time,” says Rick Chambers, owner of Fillmore & Chambers Design Group. “You have to ask a lot of questions so you can guide them in the right direction. Everyone is different and although it’s kind of cliché, the customer is always right because they ultimately know what they should have in a house.”

Drawing completely new plans does take more time and money, so if you are in a hurry; consider the added challenges of creating a plan from scratch before embarking on the task. A good option is for people to find a plan similar to their vision and tweak from that point.

Don’t Forget These Floor Plan Details

There are common things people don’t think about at the beginning of planning the project. Chambers mentions that people forget to consider the size of their furniture when choosing room size. It’s important to be sure any nice new furniture will fit comfortably in the desired room. Another key consideration is the garage and the size you need to fit your vehicles.

Chamber mentions some trends people are enjoying are to connect their master closet to their utility room, or create a larger shower and forego a bathtub. “I think that the utility room connecting to the walk-in closet is just awesome because no one wants to go across the house to do laundry,” Chambers says.

If you are a hands-on person and want to work on it by yourself before working with professionals, consider playing with design resources to tentatively create a layout. Some innovative, easy-to-use resources are AutoDesk Homestyler, RoomSketcher, and Floorplanner.

Contact us today and we can help you get into the home of your dreams!