Your Guide to Popular Home Styles

May 15, 2015 10:26 am

Building your dream home comes with a lot of decisions, and each one impacts the look and feel of your home in different ways. Choosing your home’s style can feel like a huge task – finding inspiration on Houzz, or Pinterest, or any one of the thousands of home design blogs can give you great ideas. It can also completely overwhelm you.

These four home styles, though, are a great place to start thinking about the kind of home you want. Identifying a core style can help guide your decisions throughout the new-home process.

Art Deco

Art deco homes are characterized by repeating curves and rectangles, and the overall feeling of the design echoes the Machine Age.  Art deco homes often have flat roofs and round corners.

Interior details almost always include a great deal of glass, and a heavy use of mirrors.

Art deco homes tend to be relatively rare, so you may find yourself carrying the theme in a more traditional home via the furniture and accessories you choose. It’s worth noting, if you’re after a genuine art deco experience, that Tulsa has one of the country’s only art deco-heavy residential areas.


The American Craftsman style originated as a reaction to – and movement away from – the industrial revolution and its emphasis on mechanically-built goods. The style is best known for the Bungalow style home, easily identified by its low height, large porch, and single –story construction.

American Craftsman homes feature sturdiness as a design element – simple but elegant designs made from local materials. The style was influenced by the shift in the predominant social class of the time it was developed, eliminating things like servants’ quarters, and simplifying the layout.


The classic Farmhouse derived not from a specific style, but from a very specific (and quite literal) function: to provide housing on agricultural land.  Like the American Craftsman, these homes tend toward simple details. The most noticeable hallmark of the Farmhouse style is the wraparound porch, often with classic lantern-style lights alongside the door.

Farmhouses tend to feature a heavy reliance on wood accents on floors and walls, often with rustic appeal.


The most common style of home in America, the Traditional style is best known for clean lines and only very little ornamentation. This style is a broad category, and can include elements from British Colonial revival, Cape Cod, and Ranch style homes.

These homes are considered distinctly American, and tend to have a casual, comfortable feel. The open spaces of these homes make them flexible, and a Traditional home can be customized to meet your family’s need.

Knowing what kind of home you’re most comfortable in will make the process of buying a new home less taxing, and more enjoyable. We’ve spent nearly three decades helping Oklahoma City find their perfect home. Let us help you.