Parade of Homes 2015 Style Guide + FREE Printable

September 25, 2015 9:32 am

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We are thrilled to be participating in the 2015 Parade of Homes in Edmond, Oklahoma. In past years, our participation in this event has introduced us to amazing new clients, as well as build connections with the Edmond community. This year, one of our favorite homes in the Fallbrook neighborhood will be on display during the October 24 – November 1 event.

During the Parade of Homes, visitors will have the chance to explore a variety of home styles and features they otherwise might not see. As custom home builders, we love being able to match a client’s vision with our quality and experience. If you’re planning on enjoying all the Parade of Homes event has to offer, here are a few of the most popular home styles and features you might see while in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Garage Doors with Applied Moldings

Traditional home styles are always popular choices, but they can also be customized to include a variety of different home styles, whether you enjoy modern details or favor French Country. In recent years, garage doors with applied moldings have become a popular home design. Where as in the past, garage doors were often an overlooked eye sore on your home and detracted from the curb appeal, they are now a vital part of making your home stand out from the street.



Custom Brick Designs

Boring brick and dull home facades are a thing of the past. As you travel through the Parade of Homes, pay attention to the small exterior details and designs of each home. From brick designs to custom stone-work, home owners are expanding their creativity with an array of designs and patterns.

Untitled design



Custom Lighting

When building or buying a home, most clients have a general idea of the styles and designs they love. However, to make a house really feel like home, you need to add custom touches you won’t find anywhere else. One popular trend throughout homes in Edmond is custom lighting in the kitchen. While can lights are perfect for doing the heavy lifting in your kitchen space and illuminating a large area, custom lights add character and a softer atmosphere in the kitchen.

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Custom Islands

Kitchen islands are one of the most functional additions you can add in your home. Often the focal point of your kitchen, as you travel the Parade of Homes you might notice a wide variety of island styles; From mismatched cabinetry, contrasting colors, pedestal islands, and special features, kitchen islands are one of the most beautiful aspects of any kitchen.


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Walk-In Showers

It’s no surprise that walk-in showers are one of the most popular features we see in homes these days. From rain shower heads to mood lighting, building a walk-in shower room allows you to up the luxury of your master bath. As you travel the Parade of Homes, pay close attention to the details you find in each master bathroom.



Grey-scale Colors and Designs

For this year’s Parade of Homes, you may notice many homes moving on from the rustic, Tuscan style interiors to clean decor, white cabinetry, and grey accents. These changes are often felt most strongly in the bathrooms. From shades of grey to accent tiles in the shower, this rising star in the interior decorating world is clean, beautiful, and one of the most popular styles homeowners choose when designing their bathrooms.

Custom Features 

 The Parade of Homes is a great time to explore all of the custom features you are able to include when you build your dream home. From customized hutches, custom shelving, and mud benches to outdoor pergolas, cased out windows, and metallic ceilings. Even if you are not currently in the market for a new home, we highly recommend completing the Parade of Homes for inspiration and new ideas!

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Are you planning on visiting the Parade of Homes and want a way to keep track of your favorite features? This FREE printable checklist will keep you organized as you discover all the beautiful homes in the parade.