Oklahoma City Fall 2016 Parade of Homes

September 8, 2016 4:18 pm

French Construction Parade of Homes

Parade of Homes is always a great experience and we appreciate Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association, COHBA, for hosting this event every fall and spring. Showing our neighbors unique, distinctive ways we can create their dream home is an enjoyable experience each season. This year’s fall Parade of Homes will be from September 24 to October 2.

At French Construction, we believe it really is all about the fine details. As your builder, you can trust that we pay attention to every last element. While we don’t get down to the nitty gritty with all of our clients (unless preferred), we have a few details that we always discuss with the future homeowner to establish their preferences.

We have had clients who believed they couldn’t have an opinion on something until we called attention to it and found they didn’t have just an opinion, but a strong one. Don’t overlook features that will later scream out at you and wish you had paid more attention during the search process.

Current French Construction homeowners agree that the details truly make a difference:

We purchased the home when it was in the framing stage and worked with Tom through the completion of construction. It was exciting to work with French Construction to select the furnishings, develop the landscaping and pool designs and customize all the details that truly made it ours. – Lisa & Rick Thompson

It was nice receiving so much guidance in picking out the interior details to make it less overwhelming. There are so many unique touches and we were able to include everything we envisioned in our dream home. – Dan & Courtney Dickensheet

Tom obsesses about the details more than any builder I’ve seen or worked with and is ridiculously committed to exceeding his clients expectations. – Chris & Cindy Beal

We believe each room, each paint stroke, and each finishing touch can make a difference in your home. Be sure and notice these details while strolling around the Parade of Homes. Here are some items that shouldn’t be overlooked.

French Construction Countertops in a bathroom


The countertops may not be one of the top things you notice in a home, but once you’ve made the purchase, you will realize how much they matter to the overall feel. They take up significant space and can make a huge difference! We like understated whites and grays on countertops so they don’t overpower the other decorations and elements.

French Construction Groin Ceiling

Unique Ceilings

Beautiful high ceilings are a must in every French Construction home. We love groin ceilings to add a little grandeur to an otherwise simple room. Our house being shown at the Parade of Homes has a beautiful groin ceiling in the dining room  immediately visible upon entrance.

French Construction Large Kitchen Island

Large Kitchen Island

Having enough space for cooking and serving in your kitchen is important for those who entertain often. Cramming around a table isn’t ideal, so the extra space is really beneficial for serving guests or for snacking grazers. You can even spice it up and have a fun island cabinet color, like the blue one above.

French Construction Storage Space

Storage Space

We make sure that all of our homes have plenty of storage space. No one likes to see a mess and overflowing drawers. Having enough room to keep all your things organized and tidy is important for a clean, welcoming home.

French Construction Study featuring built-ins

Built-ins in the Study

We just love this study and wouldn’t have a hard time finding an excuse to enjoy this room. Call it a study, or call it your own personal library. Fill these bookshelves with all the classics and add some comfortable chairs, or use it as your home office with a nice mahogany desk.

French Construction Real Hardwood Floors

Real Hardwood Floors

Who doesn’t appreciate real hardwood floors? French Construction always incorporates real hardwood floors in their homes because we like the way they look and work with every style.

French Construction Backyard

Outdoor Fireplace

Your backyard can make a huge difference in your home. Creating a beautiful area where you can enjoy a family gathering or bask in the sun can be a great way to unwind. Consider building a fireplace, trellis, or covered patio to add something special to your backyard.

Think this home looks like the one for you? Come check it out at the Parade of Homes. Contact us with any questions that you may have and be sure to pay attention to the details!