How to Create Your Backyard Oasis

July 27, 2016 10:38 am

When creating your backyard oasis, there are many considerations. After all, your backyard is an extension of your home and should feel just as livable. You want it to be a beautiful, calming place where you can seek refuge after a busy day.

Some homeowners have specific ideas and unique inspirations when creating their backyard living space, while others may be a little indecisive on what they want for the space. Should it have a refreshing swimming pool, or be used as an alternate cooking space? Common trends in outdoor living spaces are large patios, built-in fireplaces, and converted kitchens.

Backyard Oasis with a deck, furniture and hanging lights

Take our advice to not get too far ahead of yourself without having a proper sit-down with your landscaper, home builder, and contractors involved in the project. At this meeting, finalize what you want and map out the necessary steps needed to get you there. Consider the property, taking utilities into consideration, gas and electrical lines, and anything else necessary to create your dream backyard. Always do the land work first; then you can build your yard with the right foundation.

backyard oasis with built-in fireplace

French Construction backyards are built with a gas stub and wired for cable and sound. We form the porch for the best entertaining space possible. The rest is up to you!

How to Create Your Backyard Oasis

Recommendations for Your Backyard Oasis Before Building

Your custom backyard can be the talk of the neighborhood! While simple backyards can be just as beautiful, we have a few outdoor add-ons we love to include with French Construction custom homes.

pergola in backyard by french construction

  • Pergolas. We enjoy building pergolas, which really add a unique piece to your yard.

Custom Fireplace in a backyard

  • Built-in fireplaces. These are ideal when you want to venture out in the colder months and still enjoy your backyard. Wood burning fireplaces really provide the sense of being in the great outdoors.
  • TV insert. A brick TV insert is practical for everyday living and useful when entertaining. Since it is a built-in integrated into your home’s exterior, it won’t be an eyesore when not in use.

Add-ons to Consider After Building

Typically, front yards are pretty basic in terms of landscaping, but the backyard is a different story. This is a place to play with different things like fire, water, and lights. You can add your personal style and not worry about curb appeal. Dan Wagner, from Precure Nursery, takes the homeowners’ opinions paired with his experience, to create the perfect backyard.

Beautiful landscaping allows you to make your space your own. Professional landscapers can really add something special to your backyard. Another brilliant thing about landscaping is if you have an open yard and prefer a little privacy, trees can work wonders.

Dan shares that many of his customers’ yards end up with some type of water feature, like a waterfall, or rock bubbler. “People like to hear and see moving water,” Dan says.

Then there are the simple things that don’t seem to do much separately but go a long way when part of a whole. Wind chimes and twinkly lights are like the cherry on top of your backyard.


    • Precure Nursery has been serving Oklahoma since 1959. They look for the highest quality plants and materials to create the perfect outdoor space. With attention to every last detail, Precure Nursery offers retaining walls, lawn services, and water and fire features.
    • If you’re not a huge gardener, cactuses can be an intriguing addition to your porch. Add some hanging cactuses from The Plante Shoppe for a unique feel.

Fire pits

    • Wood-burning fire pits can immediately bring you back to your childhood camping days. Crackling wood, real smoke, and warmth all add to the enjoyment of the great outdoors.
    • Gel fuel fire pits are odorless. They create the ambiance without the smoke. However, gel fuel can be a little harder to find. It can be purchased at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot.
    • Natural gas fire pits are an option if your backyard has the ability to have a natural gas line. If you’re in the process of building, be sure and mention during construction and it won’t be a problem to create. This kind of pit never runs out of fuel and serves as a permanent fixture in your yard.

Lighting and water features

    • Outdoor lighting is beautiful. When you’re enjoying a late night on the patio, it’s nice to have a little light when the stars don’t suffice.
    • Your water feature doesn’t have to be huge. A small trickling waterfall can do the trick to create your desired atmosphere.
    • HGTV is always sure to bring some outdoor inspiration if you want to consider some additional ideas before getting started.


    • Seasonal Living at Flower City is a great spot to get backyard furniture. They carry reliable brands and have a diverse selection of materials, like wicker, wrought, iron, teak, and cast aluminum.
    • Statuary World Patio & Fireside has 42 years of experience in finding the very best patio and pool furniture. If online shopping isn’t your thing and you have to actually see and touch it, check out their Yukon Showroom with more than 50 sets of furniture on display.
    • Mathis Brothers has a huge selection of patio furniture available at a low price.

Contact French Construction and let us know how we can help create your backyard oasis. We believe everyone could use a place to enjoy nature and relax!