Artists in Oklahoma City - New Art for Your New Home

April 23, 2015 7:10 pm

Pinterest is awash with suggestions for art for your home, most of them of the DIY variety. Houzz, too, is full of ideas for placements, groupings, just what to put where. Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something special, and a piece of local art might be just the thing.

The Oklahoma City art community is a vibrant one, with artists working across every imaginable medium. Here are some local artists in Oklahoma City whose work you can’t miss.

Holly Wilson

Wilson, a Delaware/Cherokee sculptor, crafts sensitive, delicate figures which capture a moment and emotion. Casting in a lost wax method, every sculpture Wilson makes is an edition of one – no two will ever be the same. Her subjects range from birds to children, though her human figures often wear animal masks, speaking to her long history of stories of shapeshifters and anthropomorphic animals.


Desmond Mason

After a celebrated basketball career – first as an OSU Cowboy, and then as a pro from 2000-2009, Mason turned to his full-time attention to art. Mason majored in studio art while at Oklahoma State, and has found success as an abstract artist working in a variety of media. Every year since 2004, Mason has hosted the Desmond Mason Art Show, selling his paintings to benefit a variety of charitable causes.

Jessica Craddock

Craddock’s work elevates the everyday. Her mixed media work revolves around landscapes and plants, and is clearly inspired by her active gardening. Her work has a distinct energy – atmospheric and expansive, and any of her plant-inspired images would look lovely in a kitchen.

Places to see art in Oklahoma City

Ready to see some art, but not sure you’re ready to buy? Oklahoma City has a number of fine art museums and galleries you’ll enjoy.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

First and foremost is the OKCMOA. The museum regularly hosts touring exhibits, including an upcoming Andy Warhol exhibition, and a Faberge egg exhibit coming this fall. The museum also offers film screenings, and educational programming. Make night of it, and dine at the Museum Cafe for a delicious meal.

[Artspace] at Untitled

[Artspace] at Untitled was founded in 1995 by Laura Warriner, who envisioned a contemporary art gallery in the city’s historic Deep Deuce district. The space’s three galleries host traveling exhibits of nationally-renowned artists, as well as local work in a variety of media.

Individual Artists of Oklahoma

With two galleries rotating exhibitions — monthly in the Project Gallery, and every two months in the Main Space Gallery — IAO encourages both emerging and established artists to exhibit new and experimental work. IAO also hosts Premiere on Film Row, a monthly art walk held on the third Friday of each month.


All of these attractions are just a short drive from our established neighborhoods, and are an easy, fun way to spend a night out in the city.