4 Features Your Kitchen Needs

April 12, 2015 11:26 am

The heart of any home is its kitchen. It’s been called the most important room in any house, and it’s certainly the center of a great deal of your home’s activities. It’s often the place guests gravitate to, and in modern homes, the kitchen is often a showpiece of the home’s design.

We think there are four elements your kitchen needs in order to live up to its billing.


Lighting your kitchen has undeniable practical benefits – it’s hard to cook a delicious meal in the dark. But choosing the right lighting for your kitchen can set a warm mood, make the space inviting, and encourage the kind of kitchen living that makes this room so memorable. It’s important to consider both recessed in-ceiling lighting and pendant lights or chandeliers. Both of these types of fixtures serve different purposes, and having a mix of both can deliver the right mix of utilitarian and stylish light. Also consider under-cabinet lights, which will make it easier to navigate your counter spaces.

Easy-to-clean floors and countertops

With so much time spent in the kitchen, it’s easy to see how things can get a little messy. From bubbling sauces to spilled milk, accidents are bound to happen in your kitchen. Choosing surface materials which are both durable and cleanable will make life much simpler. No one wants to spend all of their after-dinner time scrubbing dirty counters and floors.

Granite countertops are a classic choice, because once sealed, they are exceptionally durable, and come clean with minimal effort. Tiled countertops, on the other hand, can be more difficult to clean, as grout lines can require serious scrubbing.

For your floors, it’s worth considering hardwood or tile floors for their durability and ease.

Clear paths

Putting on a feast for the family can require a lot of movement: sink to stove to oven and back again. Having clear paths and plenty of space will make food prep easier, especially when there are multiple people in the kitchen.

The walking paths in your kitchen should include plenty of space around bar or island seating, as well, to keep traffic from piling up around diners.

Ample outlets

Finally, having well-placed outlets can be a lifesaver in your kitchen’s busy moments. It’s important to think about the kind of cooking you’ll be doing – do you need to be able to plunge an immersion blender into a pot on the stove? You’d better have an outlet nearby. One handy trick is to have outlet strips installed underneath your cabinets, giving you plenty of places to plug in all around the kitchen.